We're selective because quality is everything.


To us, great service means a seamless experience for our customers - a quality product, collected efficiently, transported reliably, and delivered on time.


We view our customers as members of our community and take the time to know them personally and understand their needs. We believe long-term mutually beneficial relationships are the only way to do business.

We make it simple. 

Logistics  -  Risk Management - Finance

Company Profile

We purchase, recycle, process and market a wide range of products, including Magnesium alloy, Aluminum alloy, zinc, MG scrap, Die-Casting Machine, and Components. 

We bridge the gap between suppliers and consumers and add value at every step.

Our consumers choose us for our vigilance on quality.  As a consumer you enjoy access to high-quality raw materials, supplied on demand, transported efficiently with payment extended to arrival and pricing structures in the future at your option, reducing your commodity price risk. 

Whether you are a supplier or a consumer - we make it simple.